Photogrammetric Engineers and Surveyors
Aerometric Surveys has been providing photogrammetric engineering and mapping services throughout central and northern California for over 30 years. In addition, we maintain a histrorical film library dating back to 1965. This longevity gives testimony to our ongoing commitment to quality products and superior customer service, the hallmarks upon which the firm was founded.

Aerometric Surveys possesses the expertise and technology to provide virtually any photogrammetric product or service offered in today's marketplace. Furthermore, our emphasis on servicing the planning and design communities translates into relevant project experience which can be utilized on your next mapping project.

Our services range from aerial control and supplemental ground surveys to aerial photography, digital mapping, and digital photo imagery. Furthermore, through strategic industry partnerships, we can provide LiDAR data acquisition or satellite imagery acquisition. This broad range of service provides our clients with one-stop, turn-key mapping solutions for even the most demanding project requirements. Our commitment to maintaining a leading market position provides our clients with state of the industry technology, including analytical and end to end softcopy mapping platforms, the latest in camera and photogrammetric scanning systems, and industry leading software solutions.

Aerometric Surveys welcomes the opportunity to be of service on your next mapping project.